Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Slit Lamp - Post Traumatic Scleritis

Another Slit-lamp image taken of a patient with Scleritis after trauma. Most patients we shoot on the Slit-lamp are photo-phobic (extremely sensitive to light) because of their anterior pathology, and it is not often you have a cooperative patient. They always pull away after every shot and complain. For this patient, we had to have three people in the room; myself, taking the photos, and two technicians forcing the patients head forward and pulling the eyelids open.
Also, sometimes the doctors will come in the camera room and want to watch, which was also the case for this patient, who was to immediately go into surgery after I finished the photographs. No pressure.

SCLERITIS: Inflammation of the Sclera

Slit-Lamp Camera:
Nikon D100's

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