Thursday, February 21, 2008

Espresso News/Mosaic Books Soundslide

"Acrylic Canvas"

A canvas with mixed acrylic paint. Shot 1:1 using a Vivitar 285 and a make-shift soft box. The specular highlights were very difficult to control because of the various angles, as well as the glossiness of the paint. I love the colors though, so many more attempts in due time.

Nikon D200
ISO: 400
F/22 @ 1/125th
55mm with 27.5mm extension tube

Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Class Ring Emblem"

Close up of my high school class ring cross country emblem shot in studio on chrome. I liked the light on the upper body of the he/she. I shot this with speedo strobes, with the light over top shooting through a diffusion screen with fill cards below reflecting upwards. 4:1 ratio.

Nikon FM2 on Fujichrome
ISO:100 (old film, actually around 75)
F/16 @ 1/60th
105mm lens all out w/ 190mm of extension

"Macro Cleaner"

The nozzle of a squirt bottle. I have been trying to capture a bit of action in my recent macro set-ups, so I attempted at freezing the water coming out. Therefore, I used a vivitar 285 set on manual, and fill cards for the opposite side. 2:1 ratio.

Nikon D200
ISO: 100
F/16 @ 1/125th
105mm lens w/ 52.5mm of extension

Thursday, February 7, 2008


A matchstick photographed in my apartment using Alien Bee strobes on either side, with gobo's flagging light off of the background. Depth of field was shallow, but I felt the actual flame carried the image. Around 2:1 ratio.

Nikon D200
F/8 @ 1 second
55mm w/ 108mm extension


A piece of toenail just after being detached from the toe. A product of Hematoma, which caused the nail to fall off in its own time. This was shot with Alien Bee strobes, and tissue paper as a soft box. 4:1 ratio.

Nikon D200
ISO: 100
F/11 @ 1/125th
55mm, 227.5 mm extension