Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Macro Cleaner"

The nozzle of a squirt bottle. I have been trying to capture a bit of action in my recent macro set-ups, so I attempted at freezing the water coming out. Therefore, I used a vivitar 285 set on manual, and fill cards for the opposite side. 2:1 ratio.

Nikon D200
ISO: 100
F/16 @ 1/125th
105mm lens w/ 52.5mm of extension


Christy Bullins said...

So Robert, let's talk about awesome. And awesome is this image. I like it very much. Great Idea to do this. It is all so sharp and cool. Well done my friend.

Melisa Ann said...

I love the lighting on it. the water and plastic look great.

Eddie Lester said...

Robert, is a cool image of the bottle.The up close work is great.