Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Acrylic Canvas"

A canvas with mixed acrylic paint. Shot 1:1 using a Vivitar 285 and a make-shift soft box. The specular highlights were very difficult to control because of the various angles, as well as the glossiness of the paint. I love the colors though, so many more attempts in due time.

Nikon D200
ISO: 400
F/22 @ 1/125th
55mm with 27.5mm extension tube


mattbell said...

great shot and idea.

if you do more of this, you should shoot with the D300 on "Vivid color" or the Leaf Aptus back and get some even more vivid colors.

de Berry Photography said...

Sweeeeeet! Hard to decide which of your macro shots to comment on because they're all really interesting and show you've been thinking a lot before shooting. Although it makes me want to gag, the toenail is especially inspired. I love this shot and I can only imagine how difficult it was. Beautiful colors and design elements. Do more, yes!

Stephanie Cottle Photography said...

You did a great job with this!! I love the color, texture, and composition. This was a great idea, for sure and I look forward to seeing more!

Anonymous said...

This makes me happy