Monday, June 9, 2008

Cataract Composite

This image is a composite of 4 images taken on the slit-lamp camera. Each separate image is called a red-reflex image, because you are lighting the posterior of the eye, and focusing on the anterior lens, so the cataract can be viewed somewhat like a silhouette. So two of the photos were at the nearest plane of sharp focus, while the other two were at the farthest plane of sharp focus. I used Photoshop to mask them together to show the full depth of the cataract.

Definition of Cataract: Opacity or cloudiness on the crystalline lens, which may prevent a clear image from forming on the retina.

Slit lamp: Nikon D100's
ISO: 200
F/22 w/ constant flash

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Awesome composite! Great exposure, this is really nice.